A Great Day for Mental Toughness!


(Someday I’ll actually put on makeup and post a flattering picture of myself, but boathouse row was too pretty to pass up)

What is mental toughness?  Why listen to me when you can hear it from Chael Sonnen:

The gist is, working out when you don’t feel like it makes you more confident and therefore better able to dominate in the cage.  I’ve warmed to this school of thought because it’s helped me embrace the bad days.  So long as I’m physically able to work out (i.e., I may feel like crap but I’m able to control my muscles and am not falling down or contagious), I do.  And, knowing that these are the days where I stand to gain the MOST – greater mental toughness & confidence as well as “just” improving my physical skills and abilities – helps me get my butt out the door!

Yesterday was awful.  Just plain atrocious.  I was twitching all over the place, and broke a sweat folding laundry.  Working out was not an option.  I had a horrible night’s sleep, waking up every few hours, and when I finally got out of bed I felt slightly better than yesterday but still pretty miserable.

By 10:30 it was time to make a go or no go decision about the 11 AM boxing class.  My twitching had subsided, but I still didn’t feel good.  I thought about mental toughness, got my butt out the door, and started feeling better the second I started jogging to the gym.

Today’s workout:

1 hour boxing class

.5 hours light sparring & extra conditioning

1 mile running with the backpack

5 miles running without my backpack

Not too shabby, for a bad day!


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