Farewell Dear Boobs



The time has come. I’ve been here before. When I get to those last few excess pounds, the ones in my bosom are the first to go. Last time the distress of losing my bouncy friends was such that I halted my weight loss, but not this time!

I warned my boyfriend and he’s been very supportive, but still it makes me sad for me.

When I was at my heaviest (170 lbs) I had DDs; for the last several years I’ve been happily average. Now it’s evident that I’m on my way to the top of the alphabet.

Alas dear boobs I will miss you, but we’ll be together again someday… when being a lean mean fighting machine is no longer my #1 body priority!

PS. I am sore all over. I did a sneak peek at my weight today – 134.0!

10 responses to “Farewell Dear Boobs

    • It’s a hassle for sure! My one hope this time is since I’m headed to the other side of average maybe I’ll have better luck finding bras that fit during sales… I’m slow and usually get there after all the popular sizes are gone! :).

  1. My boyfriend is a boob guy, but he has confessed that he’d rather have me shredded than squishy. It’s a different aesthetic–you can get some serious curves in the booty department. Keep up the good work!

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