I Regret Some Workouts

Does this picture look familiar? I’ve seen countless variations of it all over the web… from the paragraph long speeches to the basic “you’ll never regret a workout”.

But seriously people, this is totally trumped by the older adage, “never say never”!

I have regretted several workouts, including: the one where I rolled my ankle, the one where I twisted my knee, the one where I had to do a walk of shame out of team training because I was coming down with a cold and got so dizzy I almost fainted, the first one where I hurt my back, and now… the one where I re-injured my back and had to spend 40 minutes limping a half mile home, followed by a couple hours of screaming pain every time I had to move.  And now, I have to make it through ???-many recovery days before I can get back in the gym.  Yes, some of these were freak accidents, but it’s also becoming clear to me that I need to learn when to stay home.

I love learning MMA like whoa.  I need a “I’d rather be training” bumper sticker on my ass.  It takes a lot for me to not want to go to the gym; and clearly I need to learn when to quit.  And I need to do more yoga – I think allowing my flexibility to decrease is causing a pain increase.  I felt tight before the Thursday night grappling class, convinced myself I would feel fine once I warmed up, and allowed the “you’ll never regret a workout” mentality to make my decision for me – dumb, dumb, dumb.  One takedown later, I’m toast.

Yes – it’s important for us to push ourselves and to get our butts in the gym on some days when we’d rather sit on the couch, eat cheesy puffs and watch Jersey Shore reruns.  But,   it’s equally important to know when your body is legitimately saying “ENOUGH!” and it’s time to stay home.

It’s time for a little honesty.  I’m making a new meme:



6 responses to “I Regret Some Workouts

  1. It sounds like you do a lot of stuff, physically! Getting hurt is always a risk, unfortunately. But I agree, learning when to take a break is just as health-conscious as knowing when to push yourself. It’s all part of learning your limits. I am VERY sick today, and probably shouldn’t have done my Tapout XT workout. Thankfully I didn’t get injured or hurt, but now I’m really tired and it’s only 2:30. I’d have been better off just resting and letting my body fight off whatever is going on. I have plans to keep today and now I will be exhausted and whiny the whole time 😉 I dont “regret” my workout, but I can’t help but think I probably should have sat this one out for today and picked up again tomorrow. But we get “addicted” to working out. We know everyone else is getting up and doing it, so why should we bail out? I totally get it.

    • Great comment – I didn’t even think about mentioning all the “mehhhh” workouts I’ve had, where I didn’t get hurt but they essentially destroyed the rest of my day because I had zero energy left. Limits – I hate limits!! But yes – we may not have to accept them but we certainly need to learn where they are so we can push them slowly and wisely instead of barreling past foolishly, as is my favorite way :).

      I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Working out with pain (the bad kind) is no fun. We definitely need to learn to listen to our body and when to back off. Too often I don’t listen to mine and I have to pay the consequences haha.

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