Am I Becoming a Champion?

Conquering Maryland Heights a couple years ago.

Conquering Maryland Heights a couple years ago.

Hell YES!

As I am officially one month into the challenge today, I thought it would be a good time to check in on the challenge overall and see how it’s affecting my life (i.e., is this blog worth it?!).  While I haven’t accomplished a single weekly mini-goal (AHH!) I am definitely making strides on the big stuff!

Check it out:

  1. I’m making my family more of priority, even when I’m tired and busy.  I’ve made a lot of small changes – emailing and calling more, playing online chess with my grandfather and little brother – in addition to planning more visits.
  2. I’m watching less television, even when I’m sick.  I’ve replaced a lot of that downtime with listening to educational podcasts, and reading blogs for inspiration and ideas.
  3. I’ve lost 3.6 lbs (I weighed in at 134.0 today, my official “measurement Monday”).  While this is not a lot, it’s a lot for ME.  I’ve been pretty much stuck at 138 for the last couple years, so I am super excited to be heading closer to my “dream body”.  Not just aesthetically, but in terms of physical ability.  I’m aiming to get rid of as much excess fat as is healthy and replace it with muscle, because I want the freedom of being the strongest, fastest, fittest me possible!
  4. I’m doing a better job of facing my fears and acknowledging my weaknesses.
  5. The specific one-time goals I’ve set, the sparring day and tattoos for instance, I’ve accomplished.  I have my doubts that I would have done either or both (especially in the same day!) had I not set it down in writing.

Not bad for a single month – in fact I’m pretty freaking proud :).

One adjustment I’m going to make since I’ve been struggling with the weekly mini-goals – my weeks “start” on Mondays now, which makes more sense as Mondays are my weigh-in days, anyway.  I need the weekend to reflect and plan!

So what’s been going on challenge-wise this week?  I was doing a solid job with my exercising and eating until Thursday night when I injured my back.  I still racked up 2.2 hours of gym-time Thursday, and had a big calorie deficit because the pain eliminated my appetite for the rest of the day.  Friday I was hurting and depressed so I had a surplus (eek!) – I found a place with vegan & omnivore hot dogs on GrubHub that delivered, so P. and I pigged out and watched The Hobbit.  It was awesome; I’m not gonna lie!

Saturday I decided to splurge on a month of yoga (unearned, I know!) to try to loosen up my back, and I walked a couple miles to/from the studio, so I think I had about  a 500 cal deficit.  Yesterday I broke even – spent the day cleaning up my house.  I was very blue this weekend from my back – so disappointed to not be training!

But enough moping – let’s look forward!

My mini-goal this week – try the apple cider vinegar (ACV) magic elixir 3x a day!  Somehow, I missed the raw organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar health craze.  I only came up with this today.  Last time I saw her, my sister mentioned to me that she was drinking ACV everyday now, but we didn’t get into why.  I just happened to have some Bragg’s ACV because I love eating it on my salads – and noticed the drink recipe on the back of the bottle.  Follow it up with some Googling, and people say it cures/helps with almost everything!  Including:

  • weight loss
  • acne
  • aging
  • allergies
  • arthritis
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • diabetes
  • flu
  • gout
  • heartburn
  • high cholesterol
  • sore throat

Some of it’s hard to believe (and probably exaggerated), but it sounds like there is good evidence to back up a few of the claims.  Since it’s cheap and I already have a ton, I’m going to give it a try (why not?)!  I’ve found differing instructions on how much to take, but I’m going to start by following the manufacturer’s recommendation – 1-2 tsps in 8 oz water daily, honey or stevia optional.


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