!{ 25 Days of Yoga Challenge Day 1 }!

I was looking forward desperately to going to the gym today (officially a week post surgery).  Not only had I not been for two weeks, but my health and oral surgery had brought me to a whole new level of sedentary (minus a few strolls and the one hike).  It was slow going when I woke up, but I could tell I’d be able to do something later in the day (long after my MMA gym had closed).

So, I splurged on a month of unlimited yoga at my favorite hot yoga studio ($109, yikes!) and decided to challenge myself to go 25 times in the 30 days.  My body is craving attention so badly, and just getting out of bed and walking there and back (about 2 miles) will make it worth it even if all I’m able to do for the 60-90 minute classes is lie in child’s pose.

That decision helped turn my day into something wonderful.  I mowed through loads of laundry and dishes (both unbelievably difficult when you’re Lyme sick), watching the BBC’s Sherlock as I did so.  I did body brushing, and took a hot bath with Epsom salts.

I almost had butterflies in my stomach by the time I was heading to the studio, but class really went well.  It was tough feeling how much weaker I’ve gotten (I’ve had weeks of  only being able to exercise 1-2x/week before these last two weeks), but I did a good job of not beating myself up and my body almost felt like it was drinking up the motion/stretching/strengthening.

On the way there, I listened to Freakonomics and enjoyed the remains of the fall foliage; on the way home, I called my mom and picked up some health snacks.

A short rest at the house, and I went out for a monster shop at Trader Joe’s!!  It’s been ages since I had the energy to do that! (I’ve been getting delivery services, which don’t carry our favorite healthy items).

So, the laundry is done.  Dishes are clean.  Cabinets are full of healthy goods.  Body is clean and happy, and I’m looking forward to another good day tomorrow (finger’s crossed).  Wondrous change from days upon days of eat, work, eat, tv, eat, sleep, repeat!

I’m going to sleep well tonight!


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