Keys to Victory



I made it back to my MMA gym today for boxing class!  So thrilled!

It was a little dicey this morning – I popped awake at 6 AM (after falling asleep at midnight), so excited about all the things I’d get to do today.  As other Lymies know, BAD MOVE, but I really couldn’t help it.

But, I did make it to boxing, and held my own (did 120 pushups & sit ups, and 60 jump squats, not too shabby)!  I’ve definitely lost some muscle and put on a little weight (I can’t bear to weigh myself right now, I’m PMSing), but it could be So. Much. Worse.  I’m grateful to myself for being diligent about my eating, and walking when I could.  It was so good to see everyone!

I’m feeling extremely positive about my health right now, but I need to focus on my KtV!

Keys to Victory

1) Medicine and vitamins (harder than it sounds, since somethings have to be taken with food, others without, some away from each other, etc.)


3) Stay on point with my Lyme Diet.

4) Do not do too much too fast.

5) Keep up with the body brushing & epsom baths, in case they are helping.

6) Manage stress levels.

My wisdom teeth got my in a nasty habit of waking up in the middle of the night to take my pills (which required food).  I have a herbal sleep aid (mostly Valerian) I use sometimes, and I think I need to use that for a few nights until I can kick the habit.



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