An Object in Motion Stays in Motion {Day 2, 25 d.o. yoga}

I splurged and bought my first hot yoga towel!

Today was my third good day in a row, for the first time in … ?? And I completed my 2nd day of my 25 days of yoga challenge! (28 days remaining).

I’m sore, and it feels wonderful!  This level of sore just makes me feel more aware and in touch with my body.  I did a pretty good job of not being competitive and pushing myself too hard.  I’m focusing on making these yoga classes about stretching and restoring, and not about pushing to the max (since then I’d never make it through this challenge, let alone be able to do anything else!).  I’m loving the walks to and from class, too, even though it’s soo cold outside!

I have a ton I want to write about, but I’m exhausted and have to get up at 5:45 for 6:30 AM yoga, so it’s beddy-bye time for me!

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