The Power of Silence {Day 3, 25 d.o. yoga challenge}

In yoga we’re often told to focus on our breath and not let our thoughts distract us from the moment. And if they do float in, to just let them go and come back to the breath.

In the last few days, my thoughts that have floated by have been things I needed to remember.

When I’m sick sick, my coping mechanism is to live in a constant state of distraction. Always always the TV or a podcast or a book keeping me out of my body. Not healthy,  but its what keeps me out of the looney bin.

Between Lyme related brain fog and overloading my brain like that, my memory doesn’t stand a chance!

These thoughts and memories drifiting back to me as I clear my mind – each one feels like a gift. I hug it close,  then go back to my breath.

Today was my fourth good day in a row- hallelujah!!

On my lunch break, I did my first Must Thai class back, it was a humdinger! So, today was also my first double. I was tempted to make it a triple but remembered to not do too much too fast, and am saving my first grappling class back for tomorrow :).


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