Who Exercises in the United States? And What Does It Mean?

I had to reblog this because it’s awesome.

Prometheus Unbound

Who exercises in the United States? Richard Florida of The Atlantic summarizes some recent research:

[E]xercise may treat diseases as effectively as drugs, as one BMJ study recently showed.

Everyone knows it, but not everybody does it. Just a month after making those New Year’s resolutions, 36 percent will already have given up, according to University of Scranton psychologist John Norcross. […]

You might think people would exercise more in warmer, sunnier states. But that’s not the case. [Martin Prosperity Institute analyst Charlotta Mellander] found a negative correlation (-.38) between yearly average temperature and exercise across the 50 states. Exercise levels also correspond to wealth and affluence, with substantial positive correlations to both income (.65) and wages (.64). States where people exercise more are also more highly educated, with a significant correlation (.68) to the share of adults who are college graduates. And exercise levels are higher in…

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