About the Contender

Hi, I’m Emily!

I’m 138  134 lbs of 20-something lyme-diseased vegan muscle and fat.  Join me on my mission to make my life more fun, joyful, fulfilling – and oh yeah, bad ass.

My favorite “escapist” fantasy has always been to be a ninja-like warrior.  While that’s just not practical in this day and age, being fit, accomplished, and self-disciplined certainly is.  I want to prove to myself that given the opportunity (and contact lenses, I’m sorry but I just couldn’t do without them), I have the mettle to accomplish the things of which I dream.

What’s your dream?  Are you completing your own challenge?

Let’s do it together!



12 responses to “About the Contender

      • Welcome. If I may ask. I read the idea of what you are doing but I can’t find the reason as to why. What prompted you to want to make the changes in your life?

      • Good question. My grandmother passed away about six months ago, and my boyfriend’s grandfather just passed away. I think having to cope with so much death helped me realize that I’m spending too much of my time on things that really just don’t matter. I want more out of my life, and I know that I can get it. This blog is my way of structuring a plan to get from A (now) to B (a life with “more”). I’m not entirely sure that I know what “more” looks like for me, but I know what the initial steps need to be and I’m hoping that as I get farther along the next steps I need to take will become more clear.

        I’ve been wasting a lot of energy floundering – being unhappy with what is and feeling like I need to be better/do more (more time with family, more cleaning, more reading, etc.) but my implementation has looked a lot more like sitting on the couch and watching TV and feeling guilty than actually doing anything.

      • I had a similar realization of my own mortality after my mother passed. I decided I needed to travel more and be more adventurous. Make the most out of my time here. I’m glad you had yours sooner than later.

        Thanks for sharing, and again best of luck to you with your new outlook! 🙂

      • Welcome.I read about your challenge but not as to what sparked it. If I may ask, what prompted you to make the changes in your life?

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